logitech Couch Party Game Night


What is Couch Party Game Night?

CPGN is all the best parts of your favorite splitscreen multiplayers, in one package!

With heavy influences from.. GoldenEye 007, Turok 2, TimeSplitters, Rush 2, StarFox 64, 007 Nightfire, Stunt Race FX, Mario Party, Perfect Dark, Wave Race 64, and many more.


The main focus of CPGN

The gaming industry has no shortage of games, but what they are short on, is fun. It also feels like splitscreen multiplayer has been largely ignored over the years. Which, is the most fun I've ever had gaming.

I know I'm not the only 1 who'd rather play with friends and family over strangers on the net. This is CPGN at it's core. That social interaction between people in the same room, eating, drinking, laughing, and yelling at each other is something you can't replace with an internet connection.

There will be net games too though, later.


CPGN unique features

No "faked" (bullets from center screen instantly scanning a hit onto players) gun mechanics, randomly generated maps, and 1:1 button to action gameplay (no delay in animations).


Randomly Generated Maps
Since the core of CPGN is competition, it would only make sense that RGMs are the way to go. This keeps players from memorizing maps to their advantage, and instead, levels the playing field for all to think on their feet, and engage each other armed only with skill and awareness.


Weapons & Gear
Pistol Automatic Rifle Shotgun
Rocket Launcher Grenade Laser Tag Paint Ball


Players & Vehicles
Male Female Alien Robot
Car Truck Dirt Bike Four Wheeler
Tank Helicopter Mech UFO


Game Modes
Death Match Paint Ball CTF Laser Tag Predator (1 VS 3)


Vote System
In the full game, a selection screen will allow players to vote in what mode to play.

Players with the lowest skill rating always get their vote counted as 2. Votes also add up over time until that game gets voted in, which then resets it to zero.

This will ensure that those who aren't as skilled are still a relevant part of the game, and ultimately the night. Not everyone's a pro, and some of us don't care about winning, we just want to play. This both keeps it fun and ups the challange for top players.


Skill System
A skill system keeps track of your performance and averages it from round to round. This allows for deeper challenge for those just starting out and those defending their rank.

This means that no one stays a winner for simply putting more time in. That's not skill. If you're a better player, it'll show immediately, both in game and on the scoreboard.


No DLC?!
Whenever new content is created for CPGN, everyone gets it. Not as an add-on, but as an upgrade, for free, for everyone.

From what I've seen, DLC degrades most games by splitting the players away from those who bought DLC and those who didn't, until it's supporting community is so fragmented that it dies off.

I'd rather have a game that reaches perfection as a complete package, than make money from it's death.

Yes, CPGN will be more of a service that gets better and better over time, but there will be no bloating due to a pruning system based off community feedback.


So you've read all about it
Behind it all, this project is really just an elaborate tool for beating the crap out of your friends and family. It's 1 of my fondest memories growing up, and I think the same is true for a lot of gamers.

So help us, help us all, reconnect with those special times and create many more with a game that's very core is based around the love of gaming and bringing people together, in 1 awesome package. Couch Party Game Night!


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