logitech Couch Party Game Night


May 30, 2018
Tons! Just look at the new screenshots on the media page. Things are accelerating. Also, we've updated the donation page to include special access.


Mar 24, 2018
Prototype coming soon to PC via Steam's Direct Access program. We'll go from there.


May 06, 2015
Thanks for sticking around. Many life changing events have hit the members of this team, causing major delays. We aren't giving up.


Jul 07, 2014
We've started to put the game together in the engine.

We'll be posting short progress videos of working mechanics. There are 3 there now.

If you want to see more, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Jun 11, 2014
Q: What's taking so long?

A: Creating everything from scratch. A lot of games you see now are made up of 100s of premade assets. These are things like, models, animations, textures, sounds, all kinds of things. In order to remain true to our goals, we have to make everything ourselves. If we were to use premade assets, I'm sure we could have had this game out in a year. But, it'd look, sound, and feel like everything else. We don't want that, because it's not like anything else. We've chosen the hard route, and we know it, but believe me, it's proven to be worth the extra work. =)


May 20, 2014
Was planning to show some really cool stuff, but got a little ahead of ourselves. For now, here's some new media.

Also, just a reminder to everyone that seriousness does not = capability.

If you aren't having fun with what you're doing, you shouldn't be doing it.


Apr 19, 2014
Yep, still alive! Our main goal has been getting the Randomly Generated Maps code working smoothly. It works, but we want it to produce play areas that aren't so random that it actually looks random.

Not only does it generate random setups of the props in the playing space, but the kinds of props, items, and objects are randomly generated as well.

We're going about development now in a more less-open way, as we've been having problems with people trying to take over the site, scam us, and lie their way through the team for information.

The reason for lack of media is that we're really not focused so much on that as we are the core of our game. There's not much you'd want to see, yet. Just a lot of papers, whiteboards, coffee, and code.

So, still hammering away! Stay tuned.


Dec 8, 2013
Keep in mind that this game is in the stages of prototyping! All media / models / textures / designs are meant to be rough drafts so we can get a working game together as fast as possible in order to show investors / publishers.

We're looking for talented coders to add to the team! If you'd like to help, but aren't sure how, you can always donate or drop a line and tell us what's on your mind.

A skin has been applied to the laser tag gun here.


May 9, 2013
We didn't start this project for money and fame. We started this for the love of gaming, our friends and family, and the enjoyment those things bring together.

If you would like to donate, please do so directly.


Feb 9, 2013
CPGN has been added to Steam's Greenlight community (as concept).

We hope to reach others who understand our vision.


Aug 14, 2012
Help us finish the game & get a FREE copy of it once it's released!

Go to KickStarter now to find out how!


Aug 7, 2012
We are looking for additional Unity3D coders to add to our team! Contact below.

We've also set up a KickStarter page to raise funds to purchase software and licenses needed for further development. We are awaiting approval.


Jul 17, 2012
Work continues! Another video further explaining game play is in the works.

And though we've done absolutely no advertising for this project (or want to, due to it's early stage of development), we've had quiet a few interesting conversations with companies and studios we never imagined we would have.

Much excitement going on!


Jun 28, 2012
Shotgun & Helicopter media added.


Jun 19, 2012
Video introduction to the game's menu system is now live [private].


Jun 15, 2012
Textured coins, money, and ammo media added.

Media posts may slow for a bit as we get things together for the video.


Jun 13, 2012
The human character models are almost done, both male and female.

Still working on the video, models and textures for ammo, money, coins, and the official logo.

2 weapon models have been added to the media page.


Jun 6, 2012
Working to hammer down the first presentation video [private].

Media added. Player and weapon model shots coming soon.


May 21, 2012
After much research and debate, we've decided that CPGN will be powered by Unity3D.

We're now in the process of turning piles of concept art into game assets.


May 11, 2012
We're currently in the process of selecting a proper game engine / development kit to power the game.

We want to give that piece of junk you've been promising to give your niece or nephew a fighting chance to redeem itself. How? By setting it up as a CPGN machine, permanently attaching it to your HD TV, and have it running at a smooth 1080p, 60 frames per second.


Apr 10, 2012
Introducing "Couch Party Game Night", where nostalgia meets HD!

We aim to bring back that exciting social atmosphere of 4 player competitive splitscreen action!

More info coming soon! Stay tuned with facebook and twitter.


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