Couch Party Game Night


Warning to all other game devs.. these people are cancer

The following people have written / smeared our game for..

1: being too lazy or stupid to understand they need to configure their controllers (which is literally the first screen they see WITH a written reminder on that screen stating to do so)

2: not having any friends or family to play with, as if that's our fault, which defeats the entire purpose of even having the game in their library (a local splitscreen multiplayer)

3: stating it lacks content as if it were an Early Access game while it literally is, meaning the game is still in development (which is also stated on the very first screen at launch)

4: never even playing the game at all, and instead adding it to their backlog of games they've gotten for free by pretending to be a Steam Curator and waiting for developers to contact them for a "good review" bribe

This list will be updated as needed.

Sven Evil 0 mins playtime

Local MP 0 mins playtime


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